Connie Britton is the new face of POND's Luminous BB+ Cream!

The Emmy and Golden Globe-award nominated "Nashville" star is busier than ever these days. But every gal knows to leave time for her beauty routine, and Connie does that while offering top tips for simplifying your regimen. Britton's latest product love is POND'S Luminous Finish BB+, a new skin care cream that provides flawless coverage in seconds, plus a more even skin tone in just two weeks.

Connie swears by POND's BB Cream. "I have tried many products over the years and have a cabinet full of the latest moisturizers, sunscreens and foundations to prove it," said Connie. "I was so excited to finally discover POND'S Luminous Finish BB+, a product that has short and long term benefits - it gives me flawless coverage instantly and evens out my skin tone while brightening and moisturizing my skin.  It really does it all and keeps its promise."

Connie has teamed up with the iconic skincare brand not only to toot the BB+ cream's horn, but also to invite women to enter the "POND'S BB+BFF Sweepstakes."  The contest celebrates the two beauty boosters that Connie says women can't live without, POND'S BB+ and their best friend forever (BFF). Women can enter the sweepstakes by creating a custom e-card with a photo of themselves with their BFF, or sharing a review of the label's new cream on the POND'S Facebook page. The sweepstakes runs through Halloween, with weekly and grand prizes including a getaway to luxury ocean-side resort, the Bahama Beach Club.

Wondering how Connie keeps her skin so pristine? Luckily, the busy TV star and mom is willing to dish on her skin care secrets. She has many tried and true tips for making sure you look your best. But Connie's first piece of beauty advice? Use makeup to make up for lost time, especially when missing sleep. Connie believes a couple of coats of volumizing mascara helps you look bright-eyed and well-rested even after skipping some zzz's.

And if you're a women-on-th-go and busy routines allow for little time to sit down and enjoy a meal, Connie's got you covered. The redheaded starlet always carries a high protein, healthy snack like almonds, which are great for keeping her skin radiant. And make sure to exercise for the healthiest feeling ever. Connie has a thing for yoga, incorporating the body, mind, and spirit. 

Trying one of Connie's tips or POND'S BB+ Cream? Tell us in the comments section below!