Try the Trend: Vagina Steaming

Full steam ahead...for your vagina!

The latest beauty fad taking people by storm is vaginal steaming, an age-old Korean treatment involving detoxifying your va-jay-jay using boiling water. The most famous faces to try the V-steam are twins Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley. To find out why the treatment has gained so much "steam" means first knowing its history and how it works.

Vaginal steaming has been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Basically, a woman perches over a bottomless pot of boiling water infused with herbs for about 20 to 45 minutes, while either totally nude or wearing a poncho-like getup that leaves little room for air to get through in order to maximize the steam's effect." Typically, vagina steaming is done a day or two after a woman has had her period in order to detox and heal any imbalances in the vagina, cervix and uterus.

Steaming your vadge solves a ton of health problems: Irregular and painful periods, vaginal cysts, infertility, bladder and yeast infections, hemorrhoids, uterine fibroids, scarring from childbirth and more. How beneficial a V-steam is depends on the healing properties of the organic herbs involved such as mugwort, basil, calendula, oregano, marshmallow root, wormwood and rosemary.

Consulting an herbalist, physician or pharmacist may be a good idea for any first timers, who wanna skip the $20 to $75 spa route.

If you choose the DIY way, determine the best herbs to use for your personal health needs. Then, boil as little or as much filtered water as you like; typically, women use about 8 cups. Wait for the water to cool enough to where it is no longer boiling, then add about 2/3rd of a cup of your fresh and/or dried herbs.

After the herbs have steeped for about 10 minutes, pour half of the contents in a bowl and proceed to squat over it. You can even sit on a vagi-stool, which has an opening in it at the bottom. To maximize the steam, have a large towel or blanket that wraps around your waist, making a tent around the bowl and allowing the steam to go up into the vaginal opening.

Trying the V-steam? Check out the Tia & Tamera talking about their "steamy experience" in the funny clip below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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