Top 10 Makeover Movie Moments Countdown: #3

Finally! We've reached the top 3 of our Movie Makeover countdown. Every week we've been bringing to you the best of the best in beauty transformations from the movies we all love. Movie makeovers make prove that within every woman is a great glam goddess. From makeup, to hair, to fashion, these scene-stealing moments are our absolute favorites. We're nearing the end of our Top 10 Movie Makeover list, so let the countdown continue!

#3: Helen Tasker in True Lies

Who would have thought this high-octane action flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger would have an awesome makeover scene in it? The beautiful actress, Jamie Lee Curtis plays the wife of Arnold's character, who is a secret spy by night and boring computer programmer by day. Equally a snooze fest is his wife's wardrobe and overall outlook. Helen is oblivious to her husband's secret job and trying to find a way out of a bit of a rut in her life. She is looking for excitement and gets her relief from the mundane courtesy of her hubby.

In her attempt to live on the wild side, Helen agrees to take on a classified government mission, one she has no idea her husband has secretly set up to turn into a romantic rendezvous for the two of them. Assuming she is to pose as an escort and plant a wire, Helen nervously approaches the hotel room. But before entering she spies herself in a hallway mirror, and the power behind a makeover is then defined before our very eyes.

Tired of being a bore, Helen gives herself a full-blown makeover in no time flat. She takes her far from sexy dress me rips off the frills at the neck, sleeves, and hem. She slicks her head back with water from a hallway plant. Then she goes to work on her makeup. Helen loses her glass and begins coating on the mascara and her red lipstick. And with a touch up or two to her amazing cleavage, Helen is ready to wow her husband who secretly waits inside.

We decided that with a great tutorial given by Helen herself, there's no use in any additional tips. The video shows it all in its cinematic glory. Check out how Helen goes from boring to bombshell in a matter of minutes by watching the video below. Let us know what you think with a comment below!

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