Brody Jenner was recently spotted without the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" cast. Instead the reality star was partying following the news that his father Bruce Jenner and his stepmother Kris Jenner split.

Brody was seen enjoying the nightlife at Passion nightclub, located within a Florida Hard Rock Casino, according to Classicalite. The former "The Hills" star appeared to be living it up as young women went crazy trying to reach the hot star.

Making sure he enjoyed his time out the 30-year-old was even spotted trying his luck as he gambled away at the various tables.

The news comes following numerous reports that the couple is having marital trouble. Not to mention that Brody did hint at a possible separation between Bruce and Kris Jenner during an interview.

According to the celebrity gossip site, Brody sat down with the UK's Now Magazine, where he told the publication a bit about his family life.

"My relationship [with Kris] is getting better now, but for a long time growing up I didn't see her that much and didn't trust her intentions."

He continued, "We didn't have the best relationship - not just with her, with my father Bruce, too."

Brody Jenner however, did confirm that the couple has been sleeping in separate houses. Over the summer, Bruce stayed at a rental home in Malibu while Kris remained at their Calabasas mansion.

Despite their living arrangements Brody shot down rumors that the couple is divorced.

He said, "I stay out of their business, but as far as I'm concerned, they haven't split up. Dad's been in Malibu - he grew up out here - and the press has made a big deal of it. It's nothing to do with them breaking up."

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