Celebrity Get the Look: Olivia Palermo

We all know Olivia Palermo never disappoints in the style department.  The socialite and expert fashionista has a perfect I.Q. for how to put herself together and has been the subject of our celebrity get the looks before. This time around, Olivia is back on our radar for yet another chic hair moment she served up during New York Fashion Week. Styled by celebrity hairstylist Mark Hill, Olivia's tresses were filled with brilliant shine, volume, full body, and soft wispy curls that blew in the Brooklyn wind. Love! We couldn't wait to get the deets on how Mark pulled off yet another effortless masterpiece and he's finally shared the wealth! Wanna know how rip this runway worthy look? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get it:

Mark says this style is all about the preparation. Spending a little time before you start styling is well worth it, as your hair will look gorgeously shiny and your style will last longer.

- First, Mark used MiracOILicious Shampoo and 2 Minute Intensive Treatment to prep Olivia's hair and then towel dried it before applying any styling product.

- Mark used Va Va Voom Blow Dry Mousse throughout Olivia's hair and then re-sprayed the roots with Big Blow Thicker Fuller Spray. To keep the ends super smooth and shiny, Mark applied a drop of MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil and worked it through the mid-lengths and ends. And we all know about the power of Argan Oil!

- Now to start drying. Mark says it's easier if you work in smaller sections, starting from the nape of the neck. Secure the rest of your hair away and use a large round brush to dry the section. Rotate the brush through your hair as you dry to build in volume and start creating the soft movement.

- Remember to point your dryer down the section you are drying from root to tip to help avoid any frizz. This is especially important on the top sections around the parting.

- When all of your hair is dry, use the Rock Chick Heated Rollers as this will boost volume and movement. Just take a section of hair the same size as the roller and spray Fabulous Finish Hairspray evenly through. Roll the roller down to sit directly on top of the section and secure.

- When all of the rollers are in, spray once again with hairspray and then leave to cool completely.

- Finally, remove the rollers and comb through using either your fingers or a wide toothcomb. This helps smooth the hair without flattening body or bounce. And don't go too heavy with the hairspray - this style should swing and move with you.

All of Mark Hill's products are also available in the U.S. online and at select retail stores.

We're loving this effortlessly perfect look! What do you think of this voluminous vixen? Let us know in the comments below!

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