Is Your Man A VitaMan? Meet the New Men's Grooming Kit Line From Australia

Meet the newest line of men's grooming products to arrive to US shores. Click to check out some of the unique collections!

It may come as a surprise to some women, but men's skin goes through a heck of a lot. You try taking a harsh razor to your face everyday. Aside from the daily essential of shaving, potential blemishes, breakouts, UV rays, pollutants and the elements can all wreak havoc on a guy's skin. The men of Australia know this all too well, exposed to some of the fiercest sunrays around. Enter VitaMan, inspired by Australia's natural time-tested indigenous resources to treat and heal skin.

"With today's hectic lifestyle, most men need to find a balance," the VitaMan brand says. "VitaMan's inspiration is drawn from the Australian Outback - which is truly 'Nature's Pharmacy.' Our range of Lifestyle Essentials provides solutions to help maintain this balance."

VitaMan treats the modern day guy to the benefits of age-old skin care from the Outback. The brand has done their homework, incorporating powerful natural ingredients that have been used by native Aborigines for over 40,000 years! The brand infuses aloe Vera leaf juice, Australian Active Clay, Eucalyptus Oil, and Plum Extract, just to name a small few of the many rich ingredients.

With most men likely to never layer on skin care products, VitaMan has got your guy covered no matter what they use. Each product in the line packs a seriously potent punch, full of nutrients that keep skin healthy and protected. Unique indigenous Australian plants, herbs, and fruit extracts, combined with locally grown 100% pure essential oils deliver healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

So what's a part of the line? Everything! Choose from products for face, body, shaving, and even the stress of traveling. Among our many faves from the line, we love the Facial Mud Masque. The formula is made with 200 million year old clay, rich in over 35 replenishing minerals to help draw out toxins like a magnet. The I-Zone Eye and Lip Reviver Gel is also a top seller, designed to specifically combat puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and dryness for a man' skin.

Ranging in price from $14 to $65, the line has something for every guy. From gift sets, travel sets, to everyday essentials, visit VitaMan to see what your man might like from the Outback. Tell us what you think about the line (and the hot guy) in the comments below!

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