This week we honor classic beauty, Grace Kelly, as our Thursday Throwback.

A real life fairytale, the romantic story that is Grace Kelly's life is one women all fantasize about as young girls. A young affluent girl with dreams of making it big on the big screen, moves to New York, then California, and in a few years, is a full blown Hollywood actress and star. Now if that wasn't enough of a dream for you, Kelly gives up her burgeoning career to become British royalty when she marries Prince Rainier, the sole heir to the throne of Monaco. Talk about a fantasy come to life!

Grace Kelly was not only a celebrity and real life princess, but also a fashion and style icon. Her signature look of girl next-door meets classy ladylike allure continues to be emulated to this day. While close family and friends describe her personality often as witty and funny, the exterior persona of poise and perfected beauty is more universally known amongh the public. Kelly's look was fifties chic and she embodied the style with signature charm.

"I wish I could walk out of the house every morning channeling Grace," said Gina McKinnon to Allure Magazine. The Grace Kelly expert knows all too well of the star's pristine image. "She was immaculate. Obviously she was carefully styled for movies, but when she moved to Monaco she didn't have hairdressers living in the palace, she explained. "She did all her own hair and makeup. It's about paying attention to detail-you really do have to keep the hairbrush and powder in your handbag."

Here's how to get a little Grace. Think classic 1950's makeup. The theme is understated, with a flawless complexion the key to starting the look off right. The 50s was when the art of creating the perfect base really began, with women opting for a paler matte finish at the time. Update this part and stick to foundation that works for you.

Like Grace, go easy on the eyes. Soft pastel shadows personify the color schemes of the era. Lightly sweep a soft touch of your chosen shade onto the lid. Eyeliner stays on the tops of lids, drawn out into a slight arch at the sides. Mascara is of course a must, so add a few coats to complete those peepers. Blush is kept soft and minimal, leaving the real pop of color to lips.

Blondes like Grace went for pinks and orange-red lipsticks at the time. Choose an eye-catching shade that works for your complexion, applying a complimentary lip liner first. Create a voluptuous pout with your liner and fill lips in too, helping to keep your lipstick in place as perfectly as Grace's always was.

Check out the fun Grace Kelly hair and makeup tutorial below and let us know if you're feeling this timeless beauty's style by leaving us a note in the comments section.