Essie Launches Professional LED Gel System in October

Essie will launch their first Professional LED Gel System this month. The company will feature 36 new shades, similar to their most classic, popular polishes.

Accompanying the release of Essie's Fall 2013 Collection is the LED System and gel nail polish range, which will leave your nails in pristine condition. The system utilizes Keratin-care technology in the five-step process. The nail formula contains pro-vitamins B5 for fortification and vitamin E for hydration, with the Essie Gel lasting up to 14 days, according to Nails Magazine. 

Gerald Densk, Essie's general manager said, "We did a lot of research and saw the number-one issue was that gel manicures leave nails in a poor condition. As much as [Essie Gel] was about nail care and conditioning, it was also very much about our color authority."  

There's a few steps to the process, but here's a preview of how to use the forthcoming gel product system: You will start by cleaning and shaping your nails, gently pushing back your cuticles. Using Essie's Prep & Finish Nail Cleanser and a lint-free nail pad, completely remove any dirt and oil, making sure to clean under the nail edge and around the cuticles.

Shake and apply the Essie Gel Base Coat, and then cap and seal the free edge. Place the nails under the Essie LED Lamp for 30 seconds to harden or "cure" the coat before applying a thin coat of Essie Gel Color. Apply the first brush stroke down the middle of the nail, and then apply on each side for full coverage. Again, cap and seal the free edge and use an orangewood stick to remove excess from around the cuticles.

Then, apply a second coat following the same steps as before. 

Use one thin coat of Essie Gel Top Coat. Make sure to cap, seal, and cure for 60 seconds this time. If there's any gel residue left behind, saturate a lint-free nail pad in Prep & Finish Nail Cleanser and wipe. And hydrate the skin around the nail with apricot cuticle oil.

To remove the polish, lightly buff the shine before saturating an absorbant pad with Essie Gel Polish Remover. Place the remover on the nail, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it soak for 15 minutes. Gently massage the foil at the nail's top and pull it off. Then, carefully remove any excess gel with an orangewood stick.  

The Essie LED Gel System will arrive online next month. Looking to achieve a professional gel manicure at home? Tell us in the comments section below!   

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