Movie makeovers make prove that within every woman is a great glam goddess. We have covered six great transformations showcased on the silver screen. From makeup, to hair, to fashion, these scene-stealing moments are our absolute favorites. We're nearing the end of our Top 10 Movie Makeover Countdown. Let's get to the fabulous flick!

#4- Monica Wright in Love and Basketball

We can all appreciate a tomboy moment, haven't we all had them at some point? The appeal of sweats, baggy shorts, and a simple ponytail sure has its appeal. So who can blame basketball obsessed Monica for loving her high-top sneakers, big T-shirts and oversized shorts? Monica is a certified tomboy with aspirations to play in the all-male NBA. And in Quincy, the young boy she grows up with, she finds a rival, friend, and secret crush.

Unfortunately for Monica, her appeal as anything more to Quincy is lost behind her loose attire and rough exterior. With the spring dance fast approaching, Monica finds herself hoping to prove Quincy wrong that she can actually find a date to escort her. Enter Monica's big sis who gives her a major hottie hook-up.

The night of the spring dance, Monica is leery to trust herself to her girlie sister. She'd still rather keep her hair pulled back off her face to guess against her opponent from scoring. But with the help of her family, Monica lets her hair down in more ways than one. The tomboy beauty dons a white body con dress, and her mother's pearls. With hair blown out and parted to the side and wearing makeup for likely the first time, Monica does a full 180 that makes Quincy take her out of the friend zone and zone in on her the entire night.

Although the movie is set in 1981, Monica's look is easy to rock now without much change. Like her fellow tomboy Gracie Heart in Miss Congeniality, Monica's makeup is soft and minimal with light eyeshadow, mascara, soft blush, and a flesh pink lip. Looking to tone down the look for a more casual event? Swap Monica's pearls out for a different pair of low key studs or dare we suggest, hoops.

Check out this basketball diva in the clip below and let us know what you think of her new look. If you missed any of our other Top 10 list makers, check 'em all out HERE.