Thandie Newton and makeup artist Kay Montano are divulging the flawless beauty routine, tips, advice and secrets behind the A-list actress' gorgeous red carpet looks on their new beauty blog,

The longtime collaboraters, Newton and Montano have worked their hair and makeup magic together for nearly a decade. The dynamic duo has discussed the ins and outs of beauty for several years, showing off their expertise at photo shoots and major events. Now, the pair bring their years of expertise to the new blog, created to celebrate the diversity of women.  

"We'll love to present the idea that there's no one ideal of beauty, something we both wish we'd been encouraged to realize growing up," Kay said to The Cut. "Magazines tend to have a 'type,' and the problem is, all you see is one person - the same tall, invariably White, skinny girls with straight hair - and you don't see yourself represented, you may learn to feel short, dark, fat and frizzy. Thandie and I are saying, don't try and fit into stereotypes. We will celebrate otherness by simply including it."

The mixed race makeup mavens used their eight years-worth of photos as a starting point to offer tips, Kay said. The homepage features "What's New" beauty posts ranging from a research piece on photographer Eve Arnold and her muses, to a Q&A with actress Lucy Liu. Beauty lovers can feast their eyes on a mash-up of stories on a variety of topics.

The beauty section covers makeup, hair and mind & body. Beauty junkies will find a comprehensive guide on Thandie's favorite makeup products and recommendations for natural remedies such as Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner and Bach Rescue Remedy. Kay and Thandie have filled the site with "fun, MTV-style" makeup videos rather than straight tutorials, and on-set play-by-plays of their photo shoots together. 

These two have a clear goal in mind with the new project. "We're not saying we should look a certain way, we're just showing what we do (and having a lot of fun doing it,) talking to women as we'd like to be spoken to ourselves," Kay continued.

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