Attention beauty junkies: Ke$ha is now rocking rainbow-colored hair!

The pop bad girl has changed her mane color from bright blonde to multi-colored hues. Ke$ha debuted the kaleidoscope look on Instagram last week. Color us surprised! The mix of blues, greens, pinks and yellows may be enough to make our eyes hurt a bit, but what a daring move.

The edgy singer is just being herself with the diverse assortment of colored highlights. Major cool points for creativity, Ke$ha! We like that the "We R Who We R" songbird is a chameleon, literally.

Ke$ha pushes the envelope a lot. Before the singer changed her look from monochrome to technicolor, she had rocked cornrows like she was Bo Derek in her latest "Crazy Kids" music video. She paired that daring hairstyle with some funky gold glasses. We couldn't get enough.

And recently, Ke$ha brought her ever-evolving style to the jewelry business in August. That's right, the singer designed a ton of accessories and necklaces with Charles Albert. The breakout pieces also included penis necklaces, which sold out within a month. 

It's safe to say that the daring performer likes dramatic makeovers and this rainbow Flash trend. We love her new color change. Talk about tasting the rainbow!

Leaving or loving Ke$ha's technicolor tresses? Let us know in the comments section below!