Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Carly Aquilino

If you haven't recognized her fiery red hair, you've likely laughed at her many jokes and seen this funny gal on MTV. Carly Aquilino is an up-and-coming star on the comedy scene who's helped to make the new show Girl Code a certified hit. We love to laugh with Carly, but we also would love to know some of her beauty secrets.

As a bold ginger with an equally bold personality, Carly is now also the face of Olay Fresh Effects' #NoFilter campaign, encouraging young women everywhere to live life without any filters. Wondering what beauty secrets Carly swears by? Check out our fun Q+A with her below:

So Carly, as a woman in the public eye, what hair and makeup products do you rely on the most?

The makeup I rely most on is NARS bronzer in Laguna, and MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. For hair products I rely most on is hair spray and hair masks to deep condition and keep from my hair breaking. 

All good beauty rules to live by. Tell us, what's your favorite hair and makeup look?

My favorite hair and makeup look is classic & simple. I think it looks the best. Its classic, and you're not covering up your natural beauty with a bunch of black eyeshadow. 

And minimal makeup is definitely in for fall, so you're on trend too! What piece of beauty advice have you been given that you always abide by?

Piece of beauty advice I always abide by:  Less is more when it comes to makeup. You don't need to paint your face to be pretty. The girl who looks more natural always stands out more. Put away that blue eyeliner because you don't need it! Also, because it hasn't been cool in 25 years. 

LOL. Any hair and makeup horror stories you're willing to share?  What did you learn from the experience?

Years ago I had black hair and had to bleach it out to try and go blonde. My hair broke off on one side of my head at the roots! I had to buzz it to try and make it look normal. Not trying to show off but I looked a lot like Justin Bieber. I learned that I do not look good with short hair. 

OMG. What a story.  Well, on a happier note, how does it feel to be the face of a beauty campaign with Olay Fresh Effects?

I am very flattered to be apart of the no filter campaign with Olay. I've always used their products and it was fun to work with them. 

What can help women everywhere be daring enough to join the #nofilter movement?

I think all women should be themselves and not worry what anybody thinks of them. 

Thanks Carly!

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