This just in nail junkies! OPI has partnered with mega superstar diva, Mariah Carey, to Launch 18, count 'em, 18 new limited edition holiday nail polishes. Lacquer lovers rejoice!

OPI announced the launch of over a dozen new limited edition holiday shades, inspired by recording artist and international star Mariah Carey. This seasonal promotion will include an assortment of red, burgundy, maroon and chocolate brown hues, along with glitter-packed gold, bronze and pearl shades. The Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Collection will also feature six new Liquid Sand lacquers, ranging from an icy blue to frosted pink to sparkling graphite.

Liquid Sand nail polish has been taking fingers by storm lately. If you haven't tried it yet, this long-wearing liquid sand lacquer features groundbreaking technology. Its textured, matte finish is infused with reflective sparkle, which means no topcoat is required. Simply add the base coat and up to two additional coats of polish for maximum color and shine. The beauty of science at its finest.

"Mariah Carey is truly synonymous with the holiday season," says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. "People around the world listen to her festive, iconic songs - 'All I Want for Christmas is You' is a personal favorite - and these 18 lacquers evoke the warmth, beauty, energy and positive spirit that's present in Mariah's music.

Get a load of this mega size limited edition collection! It was hard to choose, but check out a few of our personal favorites listed below with their equally cute shade descriptions:

My Favorite Ornament - Make this champagne glitter your new personal favorite.

I Snow You Love Me - Just like I snow you love this disco light confetti.

Cute Little Vixen - This deep red violet has foxy written all over it.

In My Santa Suit - This generously pigmented red is worth staying on the "nice" list.

Emotions - This dramatic sparkling coal has got me feeling fine.

Kiss Me at Midnight - It's time to fall in love with this frosted ice blue.

Reds, sparkles, and deep saturated colors have us salivating over this upcoming October launch. "This holiday season is all about red, glitter and texture for nails," adds Weiss-Fischmann. "With 18 shades, there's a perfect hue for every occasion. The 12 crème and glitter lacquers include classic reds, champagne gold, and warm burgundies, while the six Liquid Sand shades should be worn without top coat for a matte finish in icy, frosted colors."

OPI is definitely feeling generous for the holidays! The Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Collection will be out next month with each polish priced at $9.00 a pop and will also be available at professional salons.

Will you be on the look out for these lacquers? Let us know with a note below!