Before a "Man of Steel" sequel was thought of, there was "Batman Begins." Although Ben Affleck will pick up the role of the Dark Knight, we can never forget our love for the one and only Christian Bale.

Bale's audition tape has finally been released and surprisingly features Amy Adams.

According to the Daily Mail, in "The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition" box set, in the Batman News section there is a behind-the-scenes clip featuring Bale's audition tape for his role in "Batman Begins."

In the clip, Bale can be seen wearing Val Kilmer's old Batsuit from "Batman Forever" as he runs lines with the gorgeous redhead.

Director Christopher Nolan is featured in the commentary explaining the audition. He said, "Well, the testing process on this kind of performance is not about acting ability or chemistry or any of those things."

He continued, "It about being able to project this extraordinary iconography from the inside. Christian figured out before the screen test that you could not give a normal performance, an ordinary performance."

The 43-year-old director explained, "You had to project massive energy through this costume."

Nolan, who praises the 39-year-old Oscar-winner, revealed that it was Bale who decided to create a distinct voice for the superhero.

Nolan said, "It's about a feeling and a voice and I think Christian's voice was a big part of the impression he made in the test."

He added, "He decided that Batman needed to have a different voice from Bruce Wayne. He needed to put on a voice that supported the visual appearance of the character and explained why people might recognize him from his voice. It was quite brilliant."

Although Christian Bale will not be back to play Batman, he will appear in David O. Russell's "American Hustle" alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and screen test partner Adams.

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Check out Christian Bale's audition for "Batman Begins" below.