Who doesn't love girl's girl, Jessimae Peluso? Bursting onto television screens everywhere this past spring as part of MTV's hit series, Girl Code, Jessimae is described as a "a bottle rocket with a pulse," queen of all things honest and funny. And thanks to her no filter personality, the budding young comedian recently landed a unique beauty campaign, courtesy of Olay Fresh Effects. This amazing new skincare brand designed or busy 20-somethings is encouraging young women everywhere to embrace the #nofilter philosophy. Users have taken their social media accounts by storm with the hashtag, urged to be bold and put their best face forward. With so much talk of fierce, bold beauty, we wondered just what tips, tricks, and techniques Jessimae uses to keep her look as sassy as her personality. Check out our fun Q+A with her below and let us know which tips will be your takeaways.

- So Jessimae, as a woman in the public eye, what hair and makeup products do you rely on the most?

Well because I'm a greasy Sicilian, I cannot live without oil blotting sheets to soak up my excess oil, which is enough to cook with. Also I cannot live without dry shampoo. It's the best when I'm in between washes, which for me could be like 4 days in a good week. I also love Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizer, love me some fake eyelashes, and also Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They're the best at making my lips look juicy.