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OK, so we've done a few eyelash stories. We've covered the trendy eyelash bling fads that took many eyelids by storm, and we've also done our homework on the use of eyelash extensions. To us, it seemed that lusting for long lashes always had a potential downside that we had to make our readers aware of. The solution for truly long lashes that brushed your cheeks seemed to really only be falsies that you'd unfortunately have to part with, and peel off after a day or so. But ladies, we might have been wrong!

As beauty editors, we come across tons and tons of products. When we met Alicia Grande at a recent beauty event, however, the first thing we noticed were her lashes. As self-professed beauty junkies we assumed immediately that she was rocking a pair of fierce falsies. Her lashes were long, defined, and really thick. Imagine our surprise when she smiled and said she wasn't wearing anything but her lash lengthening serum and conditioning mascara.

Meet GrandeLash. This exclusive eyelash conditioner is a unique formula enriched with natural ingredients to help improve the length, thickness and strength of your lashes. Even better, you can also use the formula on your brows to help grow them in areas that are sparse from plucking and shaping. Now this is nothing to bat an eye at!

And fortunately you won't have to wait long to see results. In just four to six weeks, users under the age of 30 begin to see a noticeable difference in the look of lashes and brows. And in four to eight weeks, women over 30 begin to see a difference in the before and after results using the formula. If this product works, you will definitely hear about it in my weekly picks series! I have begun using GrandeLash this week, so look out for my results in about a month.

The beauty of GrandeLash? The low maintenance and minimal side effects. Unlike other lash lengthening serums that have come under fire for their strict application techniques and bizarre side effects, GrandeLash offers an easy-to-use applicator that won't stop busy women on the go from growing their lashes. Users can thank president of the brand, Alicia Grande for the product's simplicity.

As a busy mom of two and beauty/health radio show host, Grande knew to combine effective treatments with speed. "I knew the product had to be safe, it had to be easy to use, and it had to work," Alicia explained. "When my husband noticed my lashes and asked if I was wearing makeup, that's when I knew I had a winning product."

To use GrandeLash is simple. Just apply at night on a clean face close to the lash line, as you would an eyeliner. Some women report even faster results when they use the product twice a day. But remember, a little goes a long way and at $84.95 a tube, that's a good thing. In terms of potential side effects, no your eyes won't change color. Some people with sensitive eyes have reported irritation, but the numbers of adverse reactions have been small in comparison to the rave reviews.

To add drama to your new lashes, also try the Grande Mascara. Made in Italy, the formula is designed to take your new length to the extreme with peptides that will plump and volumize for dramatic impact. Available at $24.95, use this lash-boosting technology for even more eye batting flair.

Enough to make you wanna try this serum on for size? Let us know with a comment below!

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