With her new season on The Voice and a hot new bod, Christina Aguilera has plenty to sing about. But this beautiful songbird has been pretty tight lipped about a certain part of her beauty routine...until now.

Aside from being known for her amazing voice, Ms. Aguilera is also known for rocking the most gorgeous red lips. Her lipstick always pops brilliantly against her flawless and fair skin, complimenting her tresses, whether soft or platinum blonde. Often blowing kisses to the flashbulbs of the paparazzi on the red carpet, Christina always creates those coveted makeup moments that always leave us asking: "What color is she wearing?!"

Well, ladies, we have the answer for you. The question isn't what shade is Christina wearing, but rather, which shades is she layering together. We recently got the scoop from PR rep, Taylor King, who promotes SeneGence Cosmetics, a beloved brand favorite of Aguilera's.

"Our SeneGence LipSense colors are our best sellers," King explained. "Christina's makeup artist creates her amazing red lips by using two colors within our blue-based/cool line. By layering shades Cranberry and Blue-Red together, this is what creates that kissable pout so many women are after."

If you haven't heard of LipSense, take serious note of this product. We happened to run into Taylor at a recent beauty event and were shocked to see her rub her finger across swatches of LipSense that had been on her hand all day long, and they didn't budge one bit! Wondering how long LipSense shades promise to last? Try 18 hours! How did we not already know about this brand?!

"Many women aren't familiar with our brand just yet because we are direct-selling," Taylor said. "But once you try our line, you'll see why it's a staple for Christina and her glam squad. LipSense is unlike any other lip color product. It's waterproof and won't kiss-off, smear-off, or rub-off."

Available for $22, LipSense delivers on its money's worth. Taylor showed us her own personal tube of this makeup goodness that's she's been using for a year now, proving a little goes a long way. LipSense is also lead and wax free, with its unique formula calling for specific though effective application.

To apply, simply place applicator on the lip beginning at the outside corner and spread in a fluid sweeping motion without moving the applicator back and forth. Use three layers for long-lasting results, letting each dry for about 5 seconds before applying the next one. Mix and match between shades to create a custom look with even more lasting power. Removal is easy with any standard makeup remover product, but for quick and easy take-off time, try SeneGence's Ooops Remover.

Looking to steal some of Christina's lipstick swag? Let us know if you'll be trying SeneGence out with a note below!