Serinda Swan 'Graceland' Finale: Sexy Bikini Wearing Actress Who Dated Ex-Boyfriend Mehcad Brooks Talks Kissing Aaron Tveit, USA Drama Series' Renewal for Second Season


Serinda Swan, the sexy bikini-wearing acterss who dated ex-boyfriend Mehcad Brooks, recently talked about kissing Aaron Tveit in the "Graceland" finale. The star also opened up about the USA drama series being renewed for a second season.

According to JustJared, Swan, 29, gave the scoop on her lip-locking scenes, favorite memories and hopes for her character, Paige in an exclusive interview.

And the ombre hair-loving starlet, who plays a smart and sexy DEA agent, expressed her excitement for the show's second season to JustJared.

"I love the cast and crew so much," Swan said. "It was such a family, so it was one of those things that selfishly - obviously, business-wise you want to come back - but friend-wise and family-wise, there was just...we call it a 'party line' from crew to cast...We all woke up to like 70 texts and we're like 'We were picked up!'" 

Now that the show is coming back, Swan is still happy about this season's plot twists and turns, which writers told the cast about right before filming. But more interesting, the bombshell had great chemistry with co-star, Tveit during their first season scenes.

"...I think it's most fun to watch as a viewer when two people kind of like each other," Swan said. "Like, you see a connection and it sparks. It's like your two best friends who you know would be amazing together if they dated, but every time you get them're trying to sell one to the other, and I think the audience is trying to do that to us. And I love that. Who knows where that will go."

Swan is not sure whether it's possible for her and Tveit's characters to have a relationship while living as undercover agents in the "Graceland" house. But she is looking forward to the writers revealing more about Paige to the viewers.

"That's something I really hope we get to explore," Swan said of her character's story before laughing. "There's a whole [bada**] that she hasn't brought out yet."

Like "Graceland?" Happy the show has been picked up for a second season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!       

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