Makeovers truly do make for such epic moments in film. You know those show-stopping scenes where a girl goes from drab to fab and its life-changing? The power of a different look can bring newfound confidence and a new attitude. A woman can be unstoppable with the right hair and makeup.

We decided to countdown our Top 10 Movie Makeover Moments, showing you how to snag the scene-stealing swag of these leading ladies as we went along. Well, we've reached the halfway mark of our list, but before the countdown rolls on, let's recap the films we've covered so far. Click through the slideshow for fun before and afters.

#10 Grease

So we all know this classic story. Olivia Newton-John plays the innocent Sandy who falls for bad boy greaser, Danny Zuko. But by movie's end, Sandy undergoes a mega transformation that's as hot a grease lightening. From sweater sets, knee length skirts, ponytails, and saddle shoes, Sandy debuts a sassy new look complete with blonde teased hair, red lipstick, skin-tight cigarette pants, stilettos, and leather jacket.  Never underestimate the wallflower!

#9 Pretty Woman

This romantic comedy was the quintessential rags to riches story of a young woman who falls for the rich multi-million dollar mogul. Vivian Ward bursts onto the screen in full on streetwalker mode with thigh-high pleather boots, a super short dress and short blonde wig. She leaves no facial feature bare, with super heavy eye makeup, blush, defined brows, and redder than red lipstick. Cut to her Rodeo Drive makeover and the leggy ginger does a total 180. Her cropped blonde wig is gone to reveal Vivian's gorgeously long natural red tresses, minimal eye makeup and a soft pink lip, perfect for her smooch scenes with Richard Gere.

#8 The Breakfast Club

It's the 80's classic about troubled teens who have to spend their precious weekends at school in detention, thanks to Principal Vernon. But what a difference a day in detention makes, as troubled student Allison Reynolds does a total makeup about face by the time school lets out. She enters the school library to do her time, opting to shock her classmates with weird food habits and jaw-dropping statements, but quickly goes from basket case to bombshell! Her chocolate brown tresses are held back by a flower-adorned white headband to reveal softly highlighted cheeks, nude lips, and look-at-me lashes.

#7 Miss Congeniality

FBI Agent Gracie Hart, is a messy brunette who kickboxes out her aggression, dresses like a dude, and eats like a Tasmanian devil. She is a far cry from a beauty queen, but cut to the need for Gracie to go undercover as Miss New Jersey in the 75th Annual Miss America competition, and she is soon in need of a major beauty overhaul. After being been plucked, blotted, dyed, and waxed, Hart struts out in a periwinkle blue body-con dress, heels, and with her messy tresses transformed into flowing brunette locks. She removes her sunglasses to reveal a smoked out set of eyes and naturally flawless makeup, fit for a beauty queen.

#6 My Fair Lady

Now while Eliza, played by the legendary Audrey Hepburn, makes an inner city flower girl appear charming, there's no denying her look leaves a whole lot more to be desired. Eager to leave the slums and work in a flower shop, Ms. Doolittle thinks refining her thick accent could be the way to her goal. She encounters a phonetics professor who agrees to help remold Doolittle and pass her off as English aristocracy. In one of the best scenes of this classic movie, Eliza sheds her drab frock and hat to wow her mentor as she appears in a gorgeous French gown, adorned in dazzling jewels, with hair the picture of perfection.

What movies do you think will make our Top 5 List? Make your predictions in the comments below and look out for movie #5 next week!