Tyra Banks snags our Look of the Week.

On Monday, Tyra released a series of 15 photos depicting some of the most iconic models in the industry for a special art exhibit which will be on display for the next month. Click through the slideshow to see for yourself.

Now this set of photos isn't what you'd normally expect from the smizing queen. Instead of her always gorgeous centerfolds and fashion spreads, Banks dons the personas of some of the best to have ever graced the catwalk, paying homage to "colleagues, competitors and friends" who are all either legendary in the fashion industry, current top models, or up-and-coming talent.

A press release for the photos describes the project as a "series of un-retouched black and white photographs" where Tyra becomes each model via professional makeup and styling without any "digital manipulation to the imagery."

The images of Tyra are so striking in their depiction of each famous catwalker, it's both eery and stunning. Working with photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth and stylist Ty-Ron Mayes, Tyra and the creative team's goal was to showcase "the notion of 'black and white' beyond the portrayed models' varying ethnicity."

From the beautiful mole of Cindy Crawford, to the fierce confidence of Grace Jones, Tyra channels each model she honors in both look and spirit.

Banks began to release some of the images via Instagram earlier this week, causing both sensational reviews and controversy. While its hard to deny the Tyra is a dead ringer for every icon she portrays, critics, including the legendary Naomi Campbell, are citing the series as a prime example to answer the call for greater diversity in high fashion modeling.

Tyra's 15 has made a debut filled with both delight and debate. What do you think of the photo collection? Sound off and let us know in the comments section below.