Ever have an annoying bra strap that loves to expose itself? Pit stains that just won't fade from your shirt? Or heels that you just know are going to get banged up after a trek around the city? Well fear not ladies. Your wardrobe malfunctions just might be over. Meet Kim Castellano, Founder & Chief Inventor of Fashion First Aid. This gal has been through all the same wardrobe woes, but luckily, she's solved them all for us! We sat down with Kim to get the deets on her amazing product innovations and her secrets to an outfit that's both stain and pain-proof. Read our interview with Castellano below and you'll soon wonder how you ever got by without these fashion must-haves! Click through the slideshow to check some of our favorites out too.

Kim, what inspired you to create Fashion First Aid?

As a law student back in 1999, I was sick of my expensive, white Juicy Couture T-shirts getting ruined by yellow pit stains.  I used my legal research skills to look into making cotton moleskin out of adhesive that is friendly to shirts, and came up with my first product, Garment Guard. Once I realized I could solve one fashion problem, I went on to another, and another.  I apparently have a lot of issues, because I now have over 35 products!

Wow! So what would you say is the most frequent fashion faux pas women have to deal with?  

It has to be anything pertaining to a woman's bras showing accidentally.  We women need to contain the girls, but the apparatus for doing so often conflicts with fashion. A major faux pas.

What are some other dirty little secrets of fashion no one really talks about?  

There are lots of shoe secrets and tips no one ever discusses really, especially since our shoes can cost so much and take one heck of a beating.  To help protect and prolong the life of your shoes, we love to let women try our Wundercover. It helps to prevent blisters and hot spots. Another favorite of ours is the new Heel of Steel, used to cover high heels and prevent those pesky dents and bumps that come from wear and tear as we hit the pavement.

We're loving the names of each essential tool in the kit!  Which is your most popular?  

Garment Guard is so popular, probably because it was the first disposable underarm shield available, and the best because it is 100% cotton.  But I think Pocksie is the one that every woman loves when she sees it in action. Who doesn't need a pocket in a cardigan, a shopping bag, or a superhero boot?

They all sound like lifesavers! Do you have a fashion first aid favorite of your own?

My favorite product is Flatliners. I still haven't figured out if my feet are more odorous than other women, but the fact that I hate wearing socks with flats or heels probably doesn't help.  These ultra-thin carbon stickers keep me from knocking people out in the airport security lines. Of course, Subtle Butt disposable gas neutralizers also keep me from causing people to faint on the plane with me.

LOL, sounds like these can all come in pretty handy. Where can we get this fabulous kit?

Fashion first Aid is available at fashionfirstaid.com and on amazon.com.

Any additional tips and tricks for using the kit to help us look the part of a fierce fashionista?

The key to being a fierce fashionista is to look put together, no matter what is holding it all together underneath. So always have Wundercover and Quick Fix Sticks in your purse to keep you from hobbling and to stick in place anything that misbehaves.  

Thanks Kim!  Check out this wardrobe lifesaver yourself and tell us what you think!