This week, we honor, classic beauty, Bette Davis.

Considered the "First Lady of the Silver Screen," Davis is a legend of Hollywood cinema, starring in countless movies that have made for both proud moments in film history, as well as in the depiction of women. Bette took on roles that helped to redefine the identity of female roles on screen, making her just as much a pioneer as her remarkable career made her a glamorous starlet.

An icon of the 1930's, this Academy Award-winning actress was the epitome of style and sassy swag. Davis made the popular trends in hair and makeup ever more the statement of the day, embodying the signature curly bob cut, bold bow or rosebud lip and super thin brow makeup looks.

During the era, women kept lips in shades of berry and red, cheeks soft with pinks, skin matte and pale, with the main attraction centered on the eyes. Brows were plucked to the extreme, and in replace, a thin brow line was drawn on and extended all the way to the corners of eyes. Davis rocked this look beautifully, with her eye-catching makeup even inspiring a song about her eyes during the 1980s, decades after this time in the star's career. Here's how to get the look:

Now we all know what a pain damaged brows can be, so forget the extreme plucking and skip this step. You can rock this throwback look without sacrificing your face frames. Instead, safely glue bows down. A regular school glue stick works great. Simply rub across brows a few times to lay the hairs down and then apply loose powder to set. Use your concealer and foundation to cover, and your luscious thick brows will disappear. Now you're ready to draw on your thinner 1930 eyebrow versions to compliment your eyeshadows and mascara. For lips, extend your liner slightly past your natural line on the top lip to create the classic rosebud effect.

For hair, go for a vintage bob. If your hair is longer, create a faux curly bob. Start by creating a side part and applying gel to hair, combing it through thoroughly. Pin hair at the sides, then add rollers, pinning those in place as well until hair is fully dry. Remove pins and brush out curls. Then grab those bobby pins again, tucking hair in place to create the illusion of shorter hair.

We simply love Bette's iconic hair and makeup from this legendary era. Check out the fun hair and makeup video tutorials below and drop us a note on your favorite part of Davis' look.