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Harry Styles 'This is Us' Star 2013: Instagram, Tumblr Lover Dislikes Miley Cyrus' Twerking Dance, Dating Cara Delevingne After Taylor Swift VMA Drama?

ByClarissa Hamlin
Sep 03, 2013 02:21 PM EDT

Harry Styles, "This is Us" star, admitted that he doesn't like the Miley Cyrus' twerking dance recently. The Instagram and Tumblr lover also may be dating new girlfriend, Cara Delevingne after the Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards 2013 drama.

According to Hollywood Life, the British crooner, 19, thinks that the racy dance style is very inappropriate.

In fact, he may even hate twerking. Styles looked very upset when Cyrus did the risque move at this year's MTV awards while dancing on Robin Thicke on Aug. 25.

"I think [twerking is] quite inappropriate," Style said when Moviefone asked him about the craze. "Especially for the age groups it's aimed at."

Apparently, Styles finds the dance to be very offensive and so sexually suggestive that he can't stand it.

"I think it's, you know, promoting promisicuity," Styles continued. 

The crooner's criticisms of twerking seem somewhat shocking.

Just a few weeks ago, Styles twerked near his seat at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards with hosts Darren Criss and Lucy Hale by his side, according to US Magazine.

Though Styles' opinion on twerking is very clear, whether or not the singer is dating Delevingne is still a mystery.

There have been several romance rumors surrounding the two, but neither has addressed them. Styles, however, did have a date with the model-of-the-moment to see the "Book of Mormon" play in London over the weekend.

According to SugarScape, Styles and Delevingne sat next to each other.

The crooner was not shy about posing for photos taken by some lucky fans. He even flashed a cheesy grin in an image, suggesting that the singer was very happy with his date for the evening.

Think Styles is right or wrong to criticize twerking? Think he has a future with Delevingne? Tell us in the comments section below!          

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