A makeover is sometimes just what a gal needs to reclaim her confidence. We have seen it over and over again in classic cinema favorites where the ugly duckling is made over into the gorgeous swan no one even knew was there. Movie makeovers, in all their glamorous, sometimes hilariously cheesy, sometimes jaw-dropping glory, prove that makeup can work some real magic. Our Top 10 Makeover Movie Moments Countdown continues now!

At #7: Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality

This movie may not have been Academy Award-winning, but every Sandra Bullock fan has seen it and loved it. Sandra is the total opposite of pretty and pristine at the start of the film. Her character, FBI Agent Gracie Hart, is a messy brunette who kickboxes out her agression, dresses like a dude, and eats like a Tasmanian devil. She is a far cry from a beauty queen and even her partner, Eric Matthews (actor Benjamin Bratt) can't see anything pageant-worthy about this awkward tomboy.

Cut to the need for Gracie to go undercover as Miss New Jersey in the 75th Annual Miss America competition, and the cry for a makeover couldn't be any louder. The FBI calls in beauty pageant specialist, Victor Melling (actor Michael Caine) for a serious hair and makeup overhaul. And from the beginning, Melling can see he has his work cut out for him. And so, in true secret service military style, a remote location is set up and a team of styling, tanning, and grooming specialists are flown in to get to work on Gracie and make her over in only one night.

It's been a long and trying evening for Hart. She's been plucked, blotted, dyed, and waxed. Her partner waits anxiously outside; already doubtful a true makeover was possible, but he's quickly forced to eat his own words once Gracie appears. Hart struts out in a periwinkle blue body-con dress, heels, with her messy tresses transformed into flowing brunette locks. She removes her sunglasses to reveal a smoked out set of eyes and naturally flawless makeup, fit for a beauty queen.

Hart's look is a classic way to always keep your makeup current. For a tomboy that has just made the leap to makeup, Gracie can thank her pageant specialist for going minimal with a nude lip and soft cheeks. Hart's eyes pop with smoky shades and her blowout is to die for, captured in epic Hollywood slow motion for us all to take in.

Check out the clip of Gracie Hart debuting her hot new pageant look below as well as a fun Sandra Bullock makeup tutorial that closely resembles the one we love from Miss Congeniality. Let us know what you think with a note below! If you missed any of our countdown, click on who came in at #10, #9, and #8.