The "ARTPOP" diva known as Gaga could just be Ariel's bestie for life. Her new 'do isn't red, but rather clumps and curls of dirty blonde strands littered with seashell, starfish and sea horse accessories. Gaga debuted the style during the MTV Video Music Awards, but kept the look going in London earlier this week.

The controversial songbird posed for cameras with her new eyebrow-raising, statement-making 'do. We saw a picture of Gaga and were truly shocked, but not surprised since the Lady loves to knock our socks off time and time again.

Gaga has been planning this style sneak attack for a while, revealing her plan on Twitter

"I will be providing a list of acceptable attire for #SwineFest throughtout the week. 1: Seashells 2: Seahouses 3: Starfish. I would also suggestion 4: paint colored dreadlocks for securing 'under the sea' Boticelli-Punk accessories. More fashion updates to come! X." 

Gaga's "under the sea" style proves that the singer knows no fashion bounds. She paired the sea-worthy style with two eye-catching looks, including one with a grey business suit and a "Mad Hatter" inspired tophat. It was a risky and weird choice, but dare we say, we admire her courage and ability to rock it with fierce confidence.

Gaga also sported a sheer pink bra, shiny black patent leather overalls and towering booties. A lot of shock value to go along with that soon-to-be-infamous hairstyle! 

Tell us if you are loving or leaving Gaga as Ariel's look-a-like in the comments section below!