The Lipstick Shades Every Woman Needs

Lipstick is a must have staple in every woman's makeup bag, but you always need more than one. 

We're firm believers in the need for different products for different occasions. You wouldn't wear the same outfit for a night out with friends as you would for brunch with Mom, right? The same goes for your lipstick. World-renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath agrees, sharing her thoughts with the Huffington Post.

"Makeup is all about having fun!" she explained. "With lipsticks it is all about experimentation, so try pale shades, brights and extreme darks until you find one that you love. If you're trying multiple shades one after the other, remember to remove the lipstick completely before trying another one on - you want to see that shade in its truest form, not with a hint of the previous shades coming through!"

We couldn't agree more. Beauty junkies beware: There's a lipstick shade for each and every occasion. And what a perfect excuse to load up on more makeup! Aside from the always classically timeless and perfect shade of red, what other shade should we all have? Pat recommends nude.

"Nudes tend to look brilliant on everyone; however, the same shade can look totally different on each individual," McGrath pointed out. "Nude shades work well for an effortless day time effect."

As for the universally perfect lipstick shade? We've come across a few contenders, one being the legendary Ruby Woo by MAC. Pat, on the other hand, remains skeptical.

"I don't think there really is one color for everyone, and I think that is the most amazing thing about lipsticks!" Pat exclaimed. "There are so many shades, textures and finishes that a lipstick can provide and factors such as our skin tone, outfit and overall look should be taken into consideration when selecting a shade."

Watch the fun video tutorial below, courtesy of our friends over at Birchbox to find out what shades to have on hand for just about any situation. ModelCo Party Proof Lipsticks are great go-to options for ther perfect pout. Then, let us know in the comments: What is *your* all-time favorite lipstick?

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