Try The Trend: Havana, Marley, Senegalese Twists & Box Braids

This summer has been a true braid blowout! Everywhere we turn, ladies have been flipping waist length twists over their shoulders, tying them in beautiful topknots, and proving that protective styles are where it's at. Whether hair is natural, relaxed, or transitioning, these looks work on any and every crown. And it doesn't look like this trend will unravel anytime soon, so fall for braids in the new season and check out a few of the styles we are loving the most by clicking through the slideshow for a little inspiration.

Two Strand Twists
Two strand twists are all the long-hair-don't-care rage. This style is super versatile, allowing you to use your own hair, or add extensions for more length. Even more convenient, two strand twists are super easy to remove, with the extension coming out all at once, versus the three strands you have to take out with traditional braids. There are many different ways to rock two strand twists, but they're all minimal maintenance, DIY styles that look way more intricate than their installation would lead you to believe.  Check out our three faves:

Havana Twists
These mega sized twists are true head turners! The average Havana style requires about 3 to 5 packs of hair extensions to achieve these thick tresses. Havana twists use Marley or Havana hair packs, which are more natural in texture than the traditional synthetic hair extensions. These lustrous locks also look totally natural thanks to the invisible root method used to add them to your own hair.

Senegalese Twists
Also known as rope twists, this style is simply gorg. Senegalese twists can be added using Marley hair, but typically synthetic braiding hair with a slightly finer texture is used. These twists are thinner in diameter and can be manipulated into many different and elegant hairstyles. Short, shoulder length, or super long, these twists can be customized to your desired coif.

Marley Twists
Also known as kinky twists, Marley braids are another popular protective style. The hair used is slightly coarser in texture than traditional synthetic tresses, but the two-strand twist method is again applied here. The typical length for Marley Twists are braided to about the shoulder. Choose to braid these extensions in the traditional way, or opt to conceal the hair with your own by placing the hair in the middle of a small section of your own that has been divided in two. Twist each respective section of your hair into each part of the extension  and then twist both sections together all the way down.

Box Braids
This classic 'do never goes out of style. Box braids have definitely seen a head wearing surge, thanks to super star pop diva, Beyoncé, who rocked her boxed braids during a trip to Cuba earlier this year while celebrating her anniversary with husband Jay-Z. Box braids can vary in their thickness, but never go too thin. Burning the ends may have been the trend back in the day, but it's time to update this classic style by leaving your ends loose. And the longer your braids, the better, for a bigger, bolder, badder top knot!

Braid Tips:
- Wash and condition hair as you normally would
- Don't leave braids in for more than 5 weeks
- Seal ends by dipping them in a bowl of boiled hot water
- Be gentle when rocking a bun or top knot to preserve your hairline and new growth
- Never braid or twist in hair too tight
- Tie hair up at night with a silk scarf

What do think of these fabulous protective styles? Let us kno with a note below!

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