This Throwback Thursday, we honor classic beauty, Charo.

A blonde bombshell of the 1970's, Charo's beauty was equally matched by her musical prowess as a gifted guitarist, actress, dancer, and comedian. The multi-talented star originally hailed from Spain and was truly a dynamic force, captivating audiences with her humorous appeal, gorgeous looks, and her signature phrase "cuchi, cuchi!"

While Charo is still regarded a classically trained musician, it was for her vivacious personality she was best known during her prime. Charo's Latin sassiness made her a regular on many hit shows and even landed the star her very own TV special. And while fellow female divas chose to go full on glam with their makeup looks, Charo opted to take the minimalist route, keeping her blonde tresses long, her makeup clean, and her look naturally flawless.

Charo's makeup is pretty timeless, making it easy to achieve for the modern day with no real adjustments necessary. A smooth and even base is complimented with peach, pink, or nude lip colors. Cheeks are softly defined with a light blush, applied from the tops of temples down to the center of cheeks.

For eyes, Charo defined her sassy gaze with frosted eyeshadows and black liner, applied to the top and bottom lids. Charo's favorite feature to make up was clearly her eyes, with out-to-there lashes and several coats of mascara often her signature look. Choose to go natural or call on your favorite set of false lashes, applying mascara for the finishing touch.

Now Charo's makeup was pretty basic, but when it came to hair, she was the ultimate tease. Take hair to new heights by blowing your tresses out to maximize length, teasing hair back in sections at the base to achieve her signature volume. Using a curling iron, complete the look by adding soft curls to the ends of your tresses. All you need now is a wiggle of your hips and to utter Charo's favorite phrase!

Check out the fun hair and makeup video tutorial below for a modern take on Charo's classic blonde bombshell look and let us know what you think!