Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) has named modern cabaret performer, Calpernia Addams, as the face for Moderncraft - the brand's Fall 2013 Color Collection inspired 1920s Berlin. 

Debuting this week on Sephora.com, Moderncraft is said to transport you back to the cabarets of the 1920s with a collection that echoes the aesthetic innovation and cultural liberation of Weimar Berlin, with a distinctly contemporary execution in vibe and textures.

Available in six new Lip Tar shades, Moderncraft will be the first Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics collection to launch with all three finishes: Original Matte, Metallic and Stained Gloss. As with all OCC Lip Tars, this set features unprecedented amounts of pigment combined with the longevity of a lipstick.  The matte and metallic finishes apply with the ease of a lip gloss and dry to a lipstick finish, while the stained gloss possesses a long-lasting shine, creating a 'cellophane' glaze for lips. The latest lip tars include:

Role Play: Deep Maroon with Red Pearl (Metallic), Anita: Browned Burgundy (Matte), Black Metal Dahlia: Blackened Burgundy with Red Pearl (Metallic), Dekadent: Translucent Crushed Blueberry (Stained Gloss), Sebastian: Plum-Toned Taupe (Matte), and Mein Herr: Crème Fraiche Beige (Stained Gloss).

Also launching as part of the Moderncraft collection are six new nail lacquer shades. The super-saturated colors include:

Man By Man: Pearlescent Teal Green (Metallic), Lustgarten: Warm Red Metallic (Metallic), Sebastian: Plum-Toned Taupe (Metallic), Black Metal Dahlia: Deep Maroon with Red Pearl (Metallic), Mein Herr: Crème Fraiche Beige (Satin), and Isherwood: Metallic Tobacco Ebony (Metallic).

"Moderncraft is first and foremost inspired by the cabarets of 1920s Weimar Berlin, and the art that period begat," said David Klasfeld, CEO/Creative Director of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. "Calpernia Addams personifies everything enduring and endearing about its spirit, which lives on in the modern cabaret performer. Beyond that, Calpernia is a hero, an activist, and absolutely one of the most beautiful women in the world."

With deep, saturated hues, this collection was made for fall color play!  What do you think beauty lovers? Let us know with a note below!