One Direction has a "One Moment" fragrance that smells like teen spirit! We absolutely adore the boys and their feminine scent hitting stores nationwide in September.

But since we can't get the scentsation for a few more days, we are over the moon for their new commercial. We say not only do 1D look so hot, but they make the scent seem a hundred degrees hotter! It's so cute how the 1D guys show their "favorite scented things" to fans in the ad. Liam is busy smelling strawberries, Louis is spinning a giant orange like it's a basketball, Harry and Zayn are loving on flowers, and Niall is sniffing scented bottles.

At one point, Harry and Louis throw a bucket of flowers on Zayn and Louis and Liam trick Niall into smelling a sock. Adorable boy band behavior.

Before Louis ends up stealing the perfum bottle at the commercial's end, we know this is a "vibrant, playful, fruity floral" scent with hit written all over it.

Fans are treated to notes of pink grapefruit, wild berries, redcurrents, jasmine, freesia, musk and a dollop of patchouli (For more on the fragrance, click HERE.) 

Check out the commercial and share some thoughts in the comments section below!