Did a bad-tanning experience leave you feeling more like a Fuzzy Navel than a Cosmopolitan? Not to worry, all tans fade, although time and patience is required. Here are a few ways to speed up the process courtesy of board certified surgeon Dr.Vish Banthia, founder of ZendyBeauty, an innovative money saving online beauty resource. So if the unfortunate pic of LoLo above isn't incentive enough, follow these tips to ensure your tan is more va-va voom and less oompa loompa.

 Natural Sun Tans

Shed what does not serve you. Exfoliate, only do this if you do not have sunburn. If you do, wait until the burn is gone. When you tan, the top layer of your skin changes color due to sun damage. Mix up store bought sea salt with lemon juice and rub the mixture onto your unwanted tan with a loofah. Or consider microdermabrasion a simple, quick, effective way to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells while stimulating new important cell growth.