Model Coco Rocha Chops Hair

It looks like everyone is doing the big chop lately!  And not to be outdone, super model Coco Rocha has also gone under the razor.

The fiery red head took to her Instagram and Twitter recently, documenting the momentous day she took her lengthy tresses to a super short pixie, courtesy of renowned hair stylist Anh Co Tran and her husband, who also got in on the scissor action. The inspiration for the actual haircut? Actress, Tilda Swinton's short and sassy locks.

If you're thinking this cute crop was the result of an impulse, guess again. It turns out the 24-year old catwalker had to plead with her bosses in the fashion industry, waiting on the green light to go short for the past six months! With a half a year of anticipation behind this crop, it's obvious Ms. Rocha was committed to this cut!

"I've been trying to cut my hair for the past six months weirdly enough," Coco said. "You'd think that would be easy to do, but in my profession, supposedly you have to ask everyone for permission! So finally I have cut my hair."

The reason behind such passion for this poppin' new pixie? Coco was over her damaged locks. "With my job, my hair is constantly dyed and fried and it won't grow any longer, so I decided it was time to get rid of it," she explained to Allure Magazine.

Stars in the spotlight have been going short quite a bit lately. Beyonce, Rihanna, and Michelle Williams, all seem to be so over their extensions. Could it be damaged hair? The summer heat? Or perhaps scissor happy stylists buzzing in their ears? We're not sure, but its clear short equals success!

Coco too, is now a certified cropped lover. "I have no regrets," Rocha said. "I love it, it will probably never grow back. It's the best feeling ever."

Allure Magazine sat front row as Coco went ahead with her short new 'do. Check out the captured footage of the haircut below and let us know what you think.

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