So another hairdo has appeared upon Rihanna's ever-changing crown.

And this time, RiRi is serving up a classic, although always controversial style.

Complete with the infamous tail, Rihanna is having a mullet moment, giving us business in the front and party in the back.

What is it about the mullet that makes it such a point of hair contention? People either love it or hate it, and there's no in between.

The pop diva is definitely leaving her own stamp on the style, converting it into a Mohawk mullet hybrid. And despite the shock from some fans, the 25-heard old is holding on to the hairstyle, sporting it at the MYV Video Music Awards this past weekend.

The mullet, albeit a well-known style is a far cry from the soft pixie of curls Rihanna had just earlier this month, which everyone seemed to embrace. The mullet, however, has debuted to mixed reviews.

What do you Beauty World Newsers think of RiRi's move to the mullet? Love it or Leave it? Sound off in the comments below.