Rashida Jones stars in a new Band of Outsiders campaign. The "Parks and Recreation" and "Decoding Annie Parker" star was featured in fashion polaroid snapshots with her sister, Kidada.

According to Fashionista, Jones brought her older sister along to keep her company and model shabby-chic clothes for the fashion brand.

The sisters donned turban hats, shawls and the rest of designer Scott Sternberg's Billie Holiday and Atari-inspired fall collection. They appear in several polaroid shots with text printed over them.

In one shot, they are sitting side by side on some steps, covered in clothes from head to toe. What is striking about the snapshot is that the sisters look like twins and they have on striped black-and-white hybrid prints. 

In another shot, Rashida is decked out in all black with the exception of a gray top. She is covered with a black wool coat, which matches her bedazzled head scarf.

And in another individual image, Kidada rocks a vibrant purple-and-blue dress top with a dark turban. She sits at what appears to be a restaurant table while looking away into the distance. But viewers will definitely notice her killer red pout.

The two sisters reunite for a killer shot, where they stand and rock the clothes with major attitude. Kidada holds a microphone while Rashida smokes a cigarette. 

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