Bravo TV's Chef Roblé to Debut New CLIQUE Fragrance For Women Spring 2014

It looks like Chef Roblé is taking his talent for cuisine to perfume.

The popular celebrity chef and star of his own hit reality TV show, Chef Roblé & Co., is looking to transfer his mincing skills over to fragrance, where he is planning to release his own personal perfume mash up.

Launching in Spring 2014, CLIQUE by Roblé promises to be as delicious an experience as the chef's five-star food.  "Not only will we smell them but taste, as well," said Roblé.
"It has to be something so irresistible women will crave it and make it their favorite fragrance."

The star has partnered up with Brands With Purpose LLC to create the anticipated collection. CLIQUE is set to also include a 50 ml/1.7 Fl. Oz. Eau de Toilette (EDT) spray, a revitalizing Shower Gel and a rich, indulgent Body Butter.

"It's been quite a painstaking process to translate these unique flavors and create great-smelling fragrance equivalents, even though many ingredients in the 'perfume kitchen' are quite similar to what I'm frequently using in my kitchen," Roblé explained.

While still in the development stages, fans won't have to wait long to preview Roblé's latest. Several "courses" will be displayed during the Beautypress "Spotlight Day" on September 18th in NYC.

"As a chef, it seemed a natural fit for me to partner with a top perfumer," the chef said. "So much about food and taste is actually scent. I'd say 80-percent. I find the idea of exploring the synergy between capturing the aroma of some of my favorite dishes by creating the first 'Fragrance Recipe' intriguing."

What do you think of Roblé's venture into the beauty world? Will you be looking to join the CLIQUE? Let us know with a note below

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