OK, so all nail junkies are created equal, but are all nail shapes equally functional?

Beauty junkies what's up with the fan shaped nail? We can't seem to put our finger on this one, and we're not sure we want to.

If you haven't heard of this style, you have probably heard it referred to by its other names; duck feet nails or flair nails. Neither of these names needs explaining once you take a look at the shape of these tips!

Give us oval, square, round, sqoval, almond, but these triangle shaped talons? We are stumped on the appeal.

Now we won't deny the fan shaped nail has a huge following. With the emergence of the hit reality show, Jerseylicious, these geometric wonders clawed their way into the mainstream, with tons of manicures now flaring their nails out to the sides.

The purpose of doing this? More nail room to go crazy and create on. As if the natural nail bed wasn't enough, the shape of these tips offer nail techs that much more room to glitter, gloss, paint, and add 3D accessories.

But just how functional are fan nails? How do you slide a ring onto fingers with these things jutting out in your way? And what an ouch that must be to get poked with the super pointy corners! We here at BWN always try to keep an open mind, but the jury is out on this one.

We leave it to our readers. When it comes to fan, flair, or duck feet nails, is this look more Love It or Leave It? Sound off in the comments below.