This week, we honor classic beauty, Clara Bow, as our Throwback Thursday

Considered to be the first sex symbol of the silver screen, actress Clara Bow was the original "it girl." The Brooklyn native came from small means and was launched into Hollywood fame and success after winning a local beauty contest. Bow would go on to act in over 50 films. A star of the 1920's, Clara was the iconic flapper of her era, with legednary looks that have continued to stand the test of time.

The 1920's were all about the flapper. Women were being influenced by the trendy look, showcased in magazines and cinema. A pale base, tons of rouge, kohl eyeshadow and a deep, bold lip were the staples of makeup vanities everywhere. Clara epitomized this trend, especially after she revealed her secret beauty tip of applying her lipstick in the shape of a heart. Women everywhere began to mimic the look immediately, dubbing the lipstick application technique, the "Clara Bow." Here's how to get the look.

On a clean face, create a smooth base with your choice of foundation and concealer to cover up any unevenness or imperfections. Seal with a loose powder. For eyes, apply your choice of a deep shade of eyeshadow, a thin line of black eyeliner and begin to smudge and blend together. Brows were very thin and tended slope downwards, but if this is too steep a look for you, simply fill brows and retain your own modern shape.

Now for the Clara Bow pout. To recreate this look, it's all about the illusion of lips that are thinner horizontally, and look small, rounded and full. Use a concealer pen or nude lip pencil to shade out and neutralize the sides of lips. Draw on your lipstick in the shape of a heart in the center of your lips, outlining the color with a complimentary lip pencil to emphasize your sexy bow.

For nails, would you believe you can rock your half moon manicure and still be down with this vintage look? Yes, it turns out nails during the 1920's rocked nail polish only in the center of nails, leaving the tips and cuticle areas bare.

Want more makeup tips on how to look like Clara? Check out the fun 1920's tutorial below and let us know if you'll be puckering up to steal her pretty bow.