David Beckham's new H&M underwear shots show the retired soccer star in sexy poses. He is modeling pieces from his Fall 2013 Bodywear collection in the shirtless photos.

According to Celebuzz, Beckham stripped down to his skivvies for another "slew of sexy shots" for the clothing line, which he has worked with for years.

The "behind-the-scenes" snaps feature Beckham's brooding looks, bulging biceps and chiseled physique, reported Mirror UK.

The father of four, who rides motorcycles, proved that he is still in super top form with the new snapshots. In fact, his body shows not signs of age or suggests that he has slowed down since he retired earlier this year.

"His six pack is something most of us can only dream about new, let along in retirement," said the Mirror's Lucy Buckland.

In one look, Beckham takes a front frontal shot in grey underwear. He has an almost calcuated stare and shows off his arm and chest tattoos to the camera.

In another shot, Victoria Beckham's husband puts on a white tee and matching underwear. He looks like a bad boy with his arms crossed and passionate facial expression. 

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