Here's the beauty buzz for today: Shailene Woodley has gone shorter and sassier!

The actress cut off her long locks and also went blonde. Whoa! We just loved her endless brunette strands that flowed down her back on ABC's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." This is quite the shocking hair transformation, so what's with such a drastic mane move? 

Well, Shailene's old 'do just didn't cut it anymore. Ms. Woodley also has an upcoming "The Fault in Our Stars" movie that could have called for her to chop her coif. But it seems the change was more a personal decision. 

"I was immediately inspired to cut my own hair off with abandon," Shailene said on Tumblr recently, "shed old layers and practice the art of playfulness. Out of nowhere, I did a complete 360. I went from sacralizing the length of my hair, to appreciating the spontaneity of chopping it off. And also recognizing the beauty of freedom."

Well said! We love the honesty and confidence, Shailene. Now, that's a fierce female! 

And Shailene even donated her chopped locks to the nonprofit Children with Hairloss, and urged her fans to do so, too. How awesome is that! 

Love Shailene's girl power and new 'do? Think her chopped coif makes the cut? Tell us in the comments section below!