So who doesn't love a good movie makeover? The moment where the ugly duckling, the wallflower, or the girl no one thought would clean up nice makes a stunning transformation that leaves everyone's jaw on the floor. It always goes to show what a little makeup, hair, and fashion can do to change up the way we look and feel about ourselves. Our Top 10 Movie Makeover Countdown rolls on to the next scene stealing moment we love. If you missed #10, click here.

At #9: Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

OK, so this movie launched actress Julia Roberts into Hollywood stardom and has remained a beloved classic since its debut in 1990. This romantic comedy was the quintessential rags to riches story of a young woman who falls for the rich multi-million dollar mogul who comes to her rescue. Corny base plot aside, Roberts' role as a call girl took the film out of the mundane monotony of chick flicks for an edgy love story that also served up some great makeup, hair, and fashion looks.

Julia bursts onto the screen in full on streetwalker mode. Thigh-high pleather boots, a super short dress and short blonde wig are the choice items Ms. Vivian Ward wears the night she meets Edward Lewis, businessman and the film's leading man. Fully made up, Vivian leaves no facial feature bare, with super heavy eye makeup, blush, defined brows, and redder than red lipstick.

Julia's first look is total party girl. Cut to her Rodeo Drive makeover and the leggy ginger does a total 180. Her cropped blonde wig is gone to reveal Vivian's gorgeously long natural red tresses, minimal eye makeup and a soft pink lip, perfect for her smooch scenes with Richard Gere.

Now there's no doubt we love both of Julia's looks in this cult classic hit, but her sassy call girl makeup is so much more fun to mimic. A few tips for this look? Play up every feature equally. Brows should be clearly defined and filled in. Apply lip liner to your entire pout before you apply your red lip color for a long-lasting, high pigment effect that won't fade. And for eyes, shadow is a must, but don't forget about lining the lower lids to complete Viv's look.

Of course this is the only thing we would want to you mimic of Vivian's. Her look for, ahem, work, is definitely worthy of makeup inspiration for fun girls night out, so try it on for size! Check out the fun Pretty Woman makeup tutorial below and let us know what you think! Look out for #8 on our countdown next week!