Attention all "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" fanatics: CoverGirl just released the first two images from their CapitalCOVERGIRL collection!

We're jumping for joy over these futuristic and fantastic looks. We know the collection won't come out until October 1, but we love these teasers!

The looks were created by makeup artist Dotti, who used products from the forthcoming collection on the models' gorg faces. The looks are scene stealing but dare we say, a bit over-the-top. But that is what Hunger Games fashion is all about so we'll rock with it. Besides, every beauty gal loves the untamed look every once in a while, right?

Each model's makeup look reflects each of the 12 districts in the film. These two first looks rep Fishing (District 1) and Luxury (District 4). We see very caked on faces, powders, rich eye shadows in blue, gold and the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald. And of course, we can't forget to shout out the big, teased manes on these models.

We hear from Fashionista that the line's got Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss and more. A lot of the cutting-edge, fab makeup was used on America's fave darling of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the fearless Katniss Everdeen.

Jen is rocking some great signature looks on screen, but we are going crazy for the line off screen. Can't get enough of the blue lipstick!

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