Prince George has inspired new jewelry. Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby boy has new accessories by Claudia Bradby celebrating his birth.

According to People, Bradby used the Middleton crest featuring three acorns representing Carole and Michael Middleton's three children as a foundation for her two pieces.

"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow - that's the saying and the sentiment behind it," Bradby said about the jewelry. "Plus, it has some relevance to them as a couple because the inspiration for the design was drawn from her own family crest."

Bradby is a well-known British designer that had worked with Middleton before doing a Junior Jigsaw jewelry line in 2007. And she loves the chance to celebrate Middleton's new bundle of joy with designing the royal items.

Her prized pieces commemorating the royal newborn include a silver necklace with a pearl acorn charm and bracelet with royal-themed charms.

She joins in with several other designers who have taken to creating things to rejoice over the new prince's birth. For our story on the royal baby fashion gifts, click HERE.

And though many people are ecstatic and busy making items inspired by the baby's birth, Bradby just thinks the world of the "warm, charming and intelligent" Middleton.

"I think she will be a fantastic mother," Bradby said referring to the Dutchess to the magazine. "She has a really fantastic mother herself and she comes from a very stable family. I think she has got everything going for her." 

For more, visit Bradby's website to purchase the items.

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