Justin Bieber Selena Gomez: 'Heartbreaker' Singer, Instagram Video Lover Kissing Ariana Grande [TWITTER PHOTO] 'Stars Dance' Singer Upset?

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez' ex boyfriend and "Heartbreaker" singer, kissed Ariana Grande in a new Twitter photo.The Instagram video lover's intimate smooch with the Nickelodeon star might have upset the "Stars Dance" singer.

According to Hollywood Lifethe crooner, 19, planted a big wet one on Grande, 20, after their sold out show in Tampa, Fl. on Thursday. The redheaded singer posted the viral photo captioned "@justinbieber you're crazy and noona says thank you, she loves you," referring to her adorable grandmother, who loves Bieber.

The two entertainers also engaged in some Twitter flirting, reported HL. 

With getting so close, fans thought the Biebs and the "Sam & Cat" star could be more than friends. But Bieber's tweet sounded as if the two are just friendly with each other.

 And Grande hinted on Twitter that the two are not dating.

Grande's actual boyrfriend is Jai Brooks of the Australian band Janoskians. Though she is happy in love with him, the star wants to be known as her own person including dodging comparisons to the former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star.

"I don't really see [the comparison,] she told Yahoo OMG! in April, reported HL. "We both started out in children's television, I think we share that in common and we are both doing music."

She believes that Gomez and her have their own identities.

"But we are really nothing alike but if you look at us and compare our sounds, we aren't that much alike," she continued. "She has been incredibly successful thus far in her career and I will feel lucky if I'm just as successful."

Think Grande and Gomez are friends? Think Bieber was trying to get Gomez' attention with hanging with the Nickelodeon star? Tell us in the comments section below!           

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