So we are all still reeling from the shot Beyoncé posted to her Instagram this week, sporting an all-new, short blonde pixie haircut.

After picking our jaws up off the floor, we did however, spot the image of a certain hair care product on B's vanity. Being the inquisitive beauty junkies that we are, we surmised the superstar diva's new 'do must require a new hair regime to keep her look pixie perfect.

What product is worthy of B's tresses? It's none other than Jane Carter's Wrap & Roll Soft Mousse.

Winner of quite a few beauty awards, Wrap & Roll is considered one the best soft mousses, setting and wrapping products available on the market today. Wrap & Roll smoothes and tames flyaways. The formula dries clean and soft without leaving any residue. A super diverse product for that works on all types of hair, Wrap & Roll is great for dry color-treated as well as damaged hair. The solution contains natural glycerides, essential oils and moisturizers that leave your hair soft and shiny. As an added beauty bonus, this product helps to cut dryer time in half by applying when applied liberally to wet hair. Simply use in hair, then wrap/set and dry as usual or let your locks dry naturally.

Wrap & Roll works great on natural hair, locs, as well as chemically treated hair too. With amazing ratings and reviews online, no wonder Mrs. Carter has dubbed Jane Carter worthy of her crown. And with a super easy usage, its no wonder B opted to make this a part of her new short and sweet beauty routine.

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