One of our many beauty mottos is color, color, color! When it comes to eyes, we love an inverted smokey eye that's all about the three c's. There's nothing more gorg than a dose of pretty-hued pigment that creates an eye-popping statement.

Seriously, beautifully made up eyes are always in and always fabulous! Getting inverted is about focusing the color near the inner corner of your lid for some chic color play. Just by doing that, you can distract from puffiness, dark circles and other imperfections.

Clinique's global color artist, Jenna Menard, dreamt up a super saturated version of the look with bright hues and dramatic flair for the brand's All About Shadow Series. She went full-on fierce with blaring blue shadows that take our breath away. How, you ask?

Menard worked her magic using Clinique's All About Shadows Singles in Silver Lining, Deep Dive and Stroke of MidnightThe long lasting trio of colors, along with their soft and super shimmery finishes are perfect for playing up the inside of the eye. We bet your thinking it's makeup brush time, huh?

If you're ready to get your feet wet, grab a small makeup brush and start with the lighter shade before moving to darker hues. Focus on layering the two shades to create some serious depth. You can just wipe your brush on a piece of tissue to switch between the shades.  And don't forget to curl lashes first and then apply your mascara last.

If your into the bold, modern look of shade layering, watch the clip and tell us in the comments section below!