This week we honor classic beauty, Lana Turner, as our Thursday Throwback.

A silver screen goddess of the 1940's and 1950's, Turner was discovered while drinking soda in a Hollywood cafe. The chance encounter would set her on a pathway of success and fame. Lana would appear in over 50 films. Her star power, coupled with seven different marriages and even a murder scandal would keep fans craving more from this glamorous star whose hair and makeup is still being duplicated today.

Lana's perfectly coiffed looks did not come easy. It is said the star was meticulous about her beauty regimen, using Nivea moisturizer and exfoliating with Boraxo soap once a week.  Turner was a committed actress who was willing to change up her looks for a role. The star bleached her hair for a film once, even though the role fell through. She even shaved her eyebrows for the film, The Adventures of Marco Polo, and unfortunately her brows never grew back.

But its clear Turner was a true beauty junkie. Once during the evacuation of her building due to a fire, Lana is said to have grabbed her eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and hair dryer. Isn't that what any beauty guru would do? The star was even quoted as saying once, "I'd rather lose a good earring, than be caught without makeup."

So you wanna steal Lana's look? The makeup is classic 1940's. Keep skin dewy and clean by creating a flawless base. Eye makeup is kept minimal, with brows fully filled in and thin eyeliner used only to enhance the top half of eyes. Pucker up in red, pink, or coral lipstick. The real way you'll pull a Lana head turner of your own is with the star's amazing pin curl hairstyles.

Lana's hair was always styled to perfection, thanks to longtime hairstylist, Eric Root. Whether bleach blonde or an auburn redhead, her curls were coiffed just so, making the glamorous style look effortlessly perfect. Luckily, you don't need your own professional stylist to snag Lana's swag. We've found the perfect video tutorial to help you make this legendary Hollywood starlet' look your own.

Check out the easy how-to video below and let us know if you plan to curl up with Lana!