"Glee" alum and 'The Family' star Dianna Agron recently shared her most epic Louis Vuitton fashion moment in Venice, Italy with Glamour

The redheaded actress, 27, just recently took the trip of her "style dreams" to the Italian destination. Vuitton had invited her to come see its Fiesso d'Artico factory where all the brand's shoes are made just outside the cultural city, she told the magazine.

"Fast-forward, and there I was with Louis Vuitton again, this time in gorgeous Venice, a place I was visiting for the first time," she said. "This place was picture-perfect: the way the haze lingered in the morning, the colors, the people, the food. It was all magnificent."

Though the surrounding scenery was stunning, she focused on the cool fashion from an "admirable" brand.

"Such incredible workmanship goes into every piece," she continued about the brand. "At the LV factory I saw workers making shoes from scratch, and I even got to hammer a locket onto a heel myself."

The pieces she wore in Venice were exquisite works of art, changing how she felt about herself, she added.

"I'm usually low-key, but when LV dressed me, I felt somehow mischievous and fabulous at the same time," Agron said. "But also, when I wore those gorgeous dresses and heels, I was reminded that, as an actress, the style choices I make influence how directors think of me. There's power in fashion."

During the epic trip, "Glee" fans also spotted and approached her with praise - something which made her very happy.

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