World's Largest Afro Measures 4 Feet Around!

With an impressive circumference of four feet, four inches tall, meet the largest fro in the world! New Orleans native, Aevin Dugas was inspired by pictures she saw of her mother's afro from the 1960's and has been growing her very own ever since.

For the past 14 years, the 36-year old social worker has rocked her hair in this classic style, watching it grow bigger and wider over time. Recently gaining a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, Dugas' hair is a source of both personal and hometown pride.

But having such amazing hair isn't without its drawbacks. Aevis knows all too well that beauty is often pain. In an interview with Guinness about her awesome hair, Dugas admits to the everyday perils of having the worlds largest afro. "It is problematic," said Aevis. "Because when I'm driving I can't see. So that's a problem. One time I slammed my hair in a car door getting in. It gets caught in my earrings a lot. It tends to hook on things, like trees, when I'm walking by...It can be kind of problematic, but I still wouldn't change a thing about it."

Check out the fun video below where Aevin talks about her hair, people's reactions to her fro, and hear her mom's reaction to her daughter's tresses that have reach new heights. Let us know what you think about Dugas' super-sized hairstyle in the comments below! 

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