Beyonce, the bold bombshell, a.k.a. the Sasha Fierce stage owner, serves up such amazing lash looks. The star's Mrs. Carter World Tour proves the legend in the making is simply lash-tastic. 

B just has that turning head appeal, but the question is how do we get it?

Well, lashing out is actually easier than you might think. Copying B's fierce with fluttery lash action just takes a good pair of falsies, but we're not talking about just any set.

The Cut recommends women go for mink based lashes like those from Toronto-based company, Velour. Their faux upper and lower lashes are actually strips, priced from $30 to $80. You can order them in your desired level of oomph, whether you prefer small, ultra thick, or even bejeweled. For more info on all the different types of lash extensions out there, click hereAnd for the dish on blinged out lashes, we've got all the deets for you too here.

Some of our new faves from the brand are are "Got It From My Momma." This set delivers a more fanned out, shorter and consistent look with 8-10 mm natural black, cotton thread lashes. "Guilty, Lasholic!" provides a thicker, voluminous and more lush look that feels like you have double-layered lashes on your eyes. You can wear the lashes up to 25 times without any issues. Fuss-free fabulousness!

And with full lashes, all ya need is some killer face like Beyonce and you're good to go!

Not feeling like lashes are the right beauty DIY job for you? Well head to your nearest salon and have an expert apply your Velour for you. They will trim and set the falsies to fit your eye shape. All our experienced lasholics know how crazy it can be cutting down lashes snip by snip to get the correct length, using tweezers to apply and glue to keep in place. Time to replace the hassle with a hallelujah!

Feeling the lash love and ready to snag B's look? Tell us in the comments section below!