Alberto VO5 Declares National Anti-Frizz Month in August

Frizz fighting you on the regular? Alberto VO5 has heard your summer heat cries and has happily declared August as National Anti-Frizz Month. We couldn't agree more!

Why? Simply put, frizz is no friend of ours. On humid days, the air's high moisture content reacts with our hair's hydrogen bonds causing our styles to fall apart by creating frizz or weighing our hair down. Frizz usually impacts those with curly or thick course hair stripping shine and moisture. Nasty!

Thank the hair gods that we are not alone in battling these hairy situations. Did you know 87% of women are fighting the summer frizz war? A reported 75% percent have to check the weather to plan their attack against bad hair days and 60% dread getting frizzy, as recorded in a recent survey conducted by VO5. We too, know this struggle all too well. 

But there's help on the way. For those women who hate managing their maniac manes, listen up!

Alberto has a new salon series of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products with five essential vitamins and eleven revitalizing oils. The formula contains the brand's signature Vitamins E for hair growth, C for treating and preventing hair loss, H or Biotin for strengthening damaged hair, B5 to stiimulate healthy hair follicles and B3 or Niacin to prevent hair thinning. There are also natural oils from botanicals like honey, papaya, kiwi, marigold and sweet almond that fortify and moisturize hair for salon results from roots to ends. Gotta have these awesome products now, huh?

A few of our favorites from the line? Try the protein-rich Hot Oil Therapy Moisturizing Treatment for scalp soothing and shine restoration, and the Smooth + Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner .The smoothing complex manages your mane and zaps frizz! With wheat protein and those essential vitamins and oils, this frizz-fighter helps hair become manageable again. Sounds like just the frizz fixer upper we need, right? 

The products should help play a role in taming humidity. Translation: one point for us, zilch for the summer heat.

Feeling like the odds are now stacked in your hair's favor? Tell us in the comments section below!      

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